Baptism of Children

Please introduce yourselves to the Priest at the end of Mass. You will need to fill out a form to register for the next available Baptism Preparation Course. Details of the next Course will be published in the weekly Bulletin. The date and time of the Celebration of the Sacrament will be by arrangement with the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul.

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation

For children aged 7 years or above (usually Y3 in School & above.) The Programme is led by Catechists and Fr. Paul. Preparation Sessions for children and their parents begin the year before in September. Please register in July or August. Register through appointment with Fr. Paul.


Catechists and Fr. Paul help to prepare young people aged 11 years and above (usually Y6 in School & above.) Preparation for children and parents begin the year before in October. Please register in July or August.  Register through appointment with Fr. Paul.  An experience of the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral is considered an important part of the Preparation.

Journey into Faith

This programme is open to any adult who wishes to explore his or her faith and find out more about the Catholic Church’s Teachings. It is essential for any adult who desires to be received into Full Communion with the Church, including those who will also be baptized as adults. This usually takes place at the Easter Vigil Celebrations. Please contact Fr. Paul for details.