Latest Messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Here are the latest messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje to all her children.

They are given to encourage us all, in these challenging times in which we live, to lead lives as God desires, obedient to Him and witnesses to the Love of Jesus.

The monthly Message is now usually given on the 25th of every month.

25th of the month – 2020 07 25 Monthly Message

Last 2nd of the month message – 2020 03 02 Monthly Message

On 18th March 2020, Our Lady said to Mirjana that She will no longer appear to her on the 2nd of every month. From now on Our Lady will appear to Mirjana once a year on 18th March.

Annual Message 18th March 2020 – 2020 03 18 Annual Message

Annual Message 25th December 2019 – 2019 12 25 Annual Message

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