Booking for Holy Mass

Booking for Saturday and Sunday Holy Mass closes Fridays at 12 noon for each week online and via the Parish Office on 0114 248 6102

We are delighted Our Lady of Lourdes and St Theresa church is open to celebrate Holy Mass. 

Not everyone is online or has internet access; please share this information as widely as possible.

Your place at weekend mass MUST be booked in advance, as we can only accommodate a set number of places at Mass due to the government’s social distancing rules.  In addition it helps to support the Track and Trace should the need arise.

The church will have a different look when you attend. Please listen to the Stewards who will guide you on the day you attend.  You will be shown where to sit by the Volunteer Stewards.  

Please be considerate and book Mass at any time during the week, and leave places for those who work full time for the weekend. If you are in a vulnerable category, please consider attending a weekday mass, as it will most likely be less attended and minimise any potential risk to you. Saturday and Sunday masses will be busier. Thank you.

There is no need to book for weekday masses, the necessary contact details will be taken on arrival.


There are three types of seats available.

INDIVIDUAL: This ticket is for one individual person.

COUPLES: 2 people from the same household/social bubble.

HOUSEHOLD SOCIAL BUBBLE FAMILY: e.g. 2 adults, 4 children, or 4 adults from the same household/social bubble.


Option 1

Please read the information below on options of SEATS available before booking your place using the Contact Us section of the website

Note the following in the Subject Line: Booking for Mass and the date (example Sun, 16 Aug

In the ‘Your Message’ box, please state the following

  • Which Seat you are requesting (see aforementioned options:  Individual  Couples/Household/bubble  or Family
  • Name(s) of People attending
  • Contact telephone or mobile number in case of queries

You will receive a email if your place is confirmed

Option 2

If you are not online, please phone the Parish Office on 0114 248  6102 during working hours from Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 5pm.  Please keep ringing the office until you get to speak to someone, do not leave a message. Thank you .

Please provide the following details

  • Which Mass you wish to attend, ie Saturday or Sunday
  • Names of Person(s) attending
  • Contact Telephone or Mobile number

Stewards will be guiding you for safety considerations. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE STEWARDS.
Please take note of the signs displayed outside the church as well as inside.
The Church will be open half an hour before mass starts.
Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before mass. Entry to the church after that will not be possible after that time.
Toilets will be closed. Mass will be shorter than usual
Please do not attend Mass if you are not well. Ring us to let us know in good time
If you can’t attend your booked Mass please let the Parish Office know in good time so we can allocate a place to someone else.


  • You can only book one Mass for yourself (and those in your household/bubble) per week. This is to allow others the opportunity to attend Mass
  • You can ONLY book one Mass at a time for each weekend, as booking will only be available seven days ahead.
    Booking for a weekend Mass will close at 12 Noon on Fridays.
    This is all new to everyone; please revisit this page as booking may look different in a few weeks’ time as we review various booking systems.

Booking for a weekend Mass will close at 12 Noon on Fridays.

This is all new to everyone; please revisit this page as booking may look different in a few weeks’ time as we review various booking systems. 


All Masses will be at Our Lady of Lourdes for the time being.


WEEKDAYS – Monday to Friday: 10am – no booking necessary. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will commence at 9.30am during weekdays. Confession – please book separately.



Ask yourself, “Am I well to attend church? Do I have a cough or a cold?”

Wash your hands thoroughly in Soap and Water.

Face Masks are mandatory as per government legislation, to wear in church. Please wear a scarf/mask for your mouth and nose on arrival and during Mass. Also, please leave your mask on to receive communion, move sideways, then consume the Body of Christ, go back to your seat reverently.


Keep your 2m distance in the car park and on queuing to enter the church.

The Steward will ask for your name.

Sanitise your hands on entering the building. Refusal to sanitise will result in refusal admittance.

We are using alcohol based sanitiser, if you are allergic to this type of sanitiser please bring your own.

Do not touch things or surfaces unnecessarily, including statues.

Keep silence inside church please.

Only sit where you are invited to sit (maintaining 2 metres between you and others).


Mass will be shorter than usual. There will be no bidding prayers.

There will be no singing to limit time in church and to minimise risk of infection.

Keep your responses low but audible.

Collection – there will be four collection points, 2 at the back and 2 at the front near the exit. 

NB: Please consider using payment online by bank transfer, bring a cheque to minimise cash payments. If you have saved your offertory during lockdown please bring it to church.

Communion – Stewards will direct you for Communion. Keep your mask on. Please extend your hands. Consume the Precious Body, replace mask and go back to your seat.


The Stewards will invite you to leave to maintain Social Distancing.

Sanitise on the way out.

Printed bulletin will be made available

Don’t linger unnecessarily near entrance or exit doors.

If you need to talk to someone please do so after mass outside on the main road, adhering to social distancing.